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Japanese sweet potatoes – Beniazuma

Japanese sweet potatoes – Beniazuma

Updated Beniazuma sweet potatoes were introduced from Japan in 1996, was field tested in Lam Dong area is provided for the purpose of processing plants for export to the Japanese market, but so far she has grown on me and widespread distribution to the Southeast Asian region.
– Sweet potatoes Beniazuma date: intestine with red skin yellow, adapting to climate plateau with elevations between 700 meters – 1000 meters above sea level, the appropriate temperature from 22-30 degrees. grows best on soils with a porous structure drained and rich in organic.
– Vien Son Company has many years of experience in production and consumption of potato products each year Beniazuma date we export more than 3000 tons of potato added to domestic and foreign markets, our company has farms Baltic area produced over 50 hectares, with F1 breeding areas to provide for the household each year we provide over a million wires similar to the plantation.


Sweet potatoes are rich in foods of manganese, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin, B, choline … Dried potatoes contain substances that the body is very precious to resist fatty vitamins. If the lack of this vitamin can lead to metabolic liver disorder, hepatic steatosis, cirrhosis.

Leaf vegetable sweet potatoes are delicious folk, just cool, add. To prevent obesity, tubers and vegetables can eat boiled sweet. But do not eat too often because it contains much calcium can cause kidney stones.

In halter tops red potatoes with a substance similar to insulin, so people with diabetes everyday eating potato red wire work is very effective cure.

Also, science village has a laxative effect, curing constipation. Sweet potato is a good food for people with liver impairment.

People who are heterosexual turbid urine using dried sweet potatoes 20g powdered drink every day early in the morning and at bedtime. Drinking three consecutive weeks will have some good effect.

Women irregular menstruation, negative blood often eat sweet potatoes per month 15-20 days. Eat a few months there will be good results.

Peel sweet potatoes contain many vitamins and minerals, so when boiled protect the skin without drying closely, not peeled if necessary.

In the sweet potatoes with sugar, especially when hungry eat will cause increased secretion of gastric intestinal heat, heartburn, bloating gas. To avoid this, potatoes must be boiled, baked or cooked it for a little extra alcohol to destroy the enzyme. If bloating is to drink a little ginger juice.

Sweet potatoes are medicinal, nutritious food for many subjects, particularly in cases of diarrhea, gastritis, low glycemic eating sweet potatoes should be restricted.

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