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Lam Dong: Growing bananas specialty Laba

Lam Dong: Growing bananas specialty Laba

Lam Dong DARD said Laba first specialty bananas are grown in the area of testing EM fellow Di Linh District 20 scale model.


Lam Dong DARD said Laba banana test sanduoc first characterized in ethnic minority areas in Di Linh district with 20 quymo model. Each model (approximately 1.000m2) and supported 4.4 million seed and fertilizer.

Representatives of the rating agencies step, with specialty banana Laba prove suitable climatic conditions, land of the sub-region Di Linh (Duc Trong district boundaries) and ND here can afford to farming this plant.


Laba banana specialty Lam Dong has been recognized brand in the region, and cultivated mainly in two districts in Lam Ha and Duc Trong.

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