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Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in foods of manganese , calcium , vitamin A and vitamin , B , choline … Dried potatoes contain substances that the body is very precious to resist fatty vitamins . If the lack of this vitamin can lead to metabolic liver disorder , hepatic steatosis , cirrhosis .

Leaf vegetable sweet potatoes are delicious folk , just cool , add . To prevent obesity, tubers and vegetables can eat boiled sweet . But do not eat too often because it contains much calcium can cause kidney stones .


In halter tops red potatoes with a substance similar to insulin , so people with diabetes everyday eating potato red wire work is very effective cure .

Also, science village has a laxative effect , curing constipation . Sweet potato is a good food for people with liver impairment .
People who are heterosexual turbid urine using dried sweet potatoes 20g powdered drink every day early in the morning and at bedtime . Drinking three consecutive weeks will have some good effect .

Women irregular menstruation , negative blood often eat sweet potatoes per month 15-20 days . Eat a few months there will be good results .
Peel sweet potatoes contain many vitamins and minerals , so when boiled protect the skin without drying closely , not peeled if necessary .

In the sweet potatoes with sugar , especially when hungry eat will cause increased secretion of gastric intestinal heat , heartburn , bloating gas . To avoid this , potatoes must be boiled , baked or cooked it for a little extra alcohol to destroy the enzyme . If bloating is to drink a little ginger juice .

Sweet potatoes are medicinal , nutritious food for many subjects , particularly in cases of diarrhea , gastritis , low glycemic eating sweet potatoes should be restricted .

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