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The cake is delicious with sweet potatoes

The cake is delicious with sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are very familiar item in daily life. The dishes such as fried potatoes, boiled potatoes were familiar. Try spicing the following pie offline

Purple sweet potato cake


– 60 grams gold potatoes

– 70gr purple sweet potato

– 340gr flour glutinous

– 50g of sugar

– 170gr milk

– 80gr water


– Boil sweet potatoes and mashed yellow

If instead of yellow sweet potatoes with chestnuts will taste better
– Boil purple sweet potato, mashed and mixed with flour 300gr, 170gr 40gr sugar and milk.
– Then, once sifted through the flour mixture is smooth.
– Mix the remaining flour with water 40gr and 10gr sugar for the cake layer on top.
– Spread a thin layer of purple sweet potato into the mold. Then squeeze yellow sweet potatoes into small circles and then placed in a class to cover up the purple potatoes.
– At the top will be a thin layer of white. Steamed buns for about 20 minutes, then turn down the heat to about 5 minutes, then continue steaming for 20 minutes.
– To bread loaves cool a bit and then out of the mold and can decorate with colored sugar.
You can also always use sweet potatoes to decorate.

Fried potato cake puffs


– 500g sweet potato

– 225g glutinous flour

– 10g cornflour

– 10g rice flour

– 170g sugar

– 100ml


– Sweet potatoes washed shell, steamed. Take the peeled potatoes and puree. It is best to hot mashed potatoes at more than likely fine. Add sugar and mix well.

– Sift the glutinous flour, corn flour and glutinous flour into the potatoes, add water slowly and knead the mixture evenly into thick plastic. Members potatoes into small balls.

– Heat the oil and fry the potatoes dropping. For medium heat fry the potatoes are golden puffs xuom bloom. Drain the oil on paper towels. Serve hot or cold are delicious.

purple sweet potato dumplings


– Flour dumplings: 200g

– Milk: 80ml

– Coconut milk: 30ml

– Sugar 50g

– Purple sweet potato: 50g

– Cooking oil: 10 ml, dried yeast

– Purple sweet potatoes you buy in the mud washed sticking out, put the cooked pulses.

– Wait for your cold potatoes peeled proceed.

– Use 1 teaspoon of puree potatoes through a mesh sieve.

– Boil or microwave the milk to go to the warm milk, taken mixed with sugar, coconut milk, yeast mixture and divide in half.

– Divide the dough into 2 parts, 120gr flour kneading you with half of milk mixture just prepared, you squeeze the 80gr powder mixed with purple sweet potato and knead the mixture of notes with remaining milk. After the dough is done, wait about 5 minutes before meal break for the oil and continue kneading again.

– Negative 1 the wet towels or wrapping food wrap over medium bowl knead flour, baking powder incubated for 1 hour twice.

– Officer 2 white and purple dough into 2 portions of equal size, placed on top of each other, rolling dough lightly for 2 additional adhesive layer and then rolled, cut dough into pieces about 2-3cm thick.

– Reverse the exciting pulse and 15 – 20 minutes after boiling water is cooked.

green bean potato cake


– 200g glutinous flour

– 50g sweet potatoes

– 100g sugar

– 100g sesame (sesame) White

– 100g shelled peas

– Cooking oil.


– Green beans washed, cooked, puree in colander with sugar islands, north to cool down. Then, squeeze the beans into small balls made ​​of.

– Sweet potatoes boiled, peeled, cut into small pieces, softened.

– Cook the sugar to melt water, to warm, slowly pour the sticky dough, kneading the plastic blocks, which sweet potato puree to smooth the dough together.

– Divide the dough, thin adapter, the green beans into the park, vo round. Roll in sesame seeds will stick cake.

– Boil the oil, drop the cake, fried to golden brown bread, fish out, drain the oil.

purple sweet potato bread roll with cheese

– Purple potatoes, white sesame, cheese


– Purple sweet potatoes boiled, peeled and cut into slices.

– Purple mashed potatoes into a thick mixture.

– Members of the sweet potatoes into a circle and put cheese in the middle, then the member.

– Sesame roasted white.

– Roll the purple sweet potato park in the white space, then put the disc in and enjoy.

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