Blood Purification by food

Blood purification is essential to the internal organs work smoothly. Therefore, the effect of food purify the blood, thereby helping to improve the health of skin, should be included in our daily diet.

Broccoli : Contains lots of antioxidants to help purify the blood , removes toxins and impurities in the body cause a health risk .

Cabbage : Drink a glass of cabbage juice purifying blood work very well .

Broccoli : The leafy vegetables have chlorophyll helps remove impurities from the blood .

Bitter Melon : Bitterness reduce diabetes and blood cleansing . Eat melon steamed or boiled to achieve the best performance .

Watercress : Eating watercress with honey is an effective remedy to help purify the blood .

Garlic : Not only is an antibiotic which is also spices naturally helps purify blood . Garlic also helps eliminate free radicals in the body , while reducing fat in the blood .

Carrot : Drink a glass of carrot juice in the morning on an empty stomach . It cleans the body and remove toxins and free radicals that cause skin damage .

Watermelon : There detoxifying properties , not only purify the blood but also help you lose weight .

Pineapple : Eating pineapple helps purify the blood and kidneys .

Ginger tea : You can drink ginger tea once a day .

Celery : Give careful nutrients needed to cleanse and detoxify the organs. Celery is often used as a remedy dialysis.