– Balancing taste : People tend to favor salty and sweet in your diet daily . This will lead to many diseases , causing poor physical health and reduced resistance . To change the imbalance of the meal , experts advise people to increase consumption of bitter foods .

– Promote the appetite : Bitterness can stimulate the taste buds of the tongue , its impact on the nerves of taste , increased salivation , and also cause gastric secretions and bile ducts . After all these effects are combined , it will improve appetite and promote digestion , and it is very beneficial to improve strength and improve immunity .

– Good for the heart and brain : bitter food containing high levels of the substance theobromine and caffeine , it can make people feel refreshed and relaxed after eating . So , it can help you not only relaxation in the hot summer , but it also helps you restore energy .

– Prevent and fight cancer : Scientific research discovered that bitter foods containing large amounts of vitamin B17 which has a strong ability to kill cancer cells .

– Pain relief : According to Oriental medicine , the food is negative, bitter , causing buzz , stimulate digestion . When the consumption of foods that taste bitter , it is very good because it helps digestion , reduce fever , and decreased excretion of toxins through urine .